'MPA' Adoptionz

All these guys I have owned and loved myself over the
months and years these Petz have lived with me here at MARK.
All here are being offered to you guys as I feel they
would do better in a new home for various reasons from
sorting out projects that are not current, petz that
don't meet to standard I am looking for in the breed/line,
or I feel they could do better somewhere else :)

Assume all DO NOT require EXTRA breed filez!
I will lable those that require extra filez but I rarely use breed filez, other than the originals and OB filez, for P4.

Please make sure to visit the RULEZ section and have a
careful read before sending in your requests for adoption.

Other than that? Enjoy yourselves!! :)

Bred by me.
All black with a Chihuahua chest patch, I really enjoyed this lady.