MARK's Crew
Last Updated: October 22nd, 2014
Pages Updated: German Shepherdz, removed Colorful Catz

Please follow the links below to the crew page
of your choice. I specialize in many breedz and
types, so there is everything for everyone here!

Please note, MARK has 2,118 Petz and it would be impossible to post all of them up, so I have chosen some I
like best (either being close to my heart and others because they showcase the breed/type so well).

The following are COMPLETED crew pages:
AmStaff, Aussie, Hurricane Aussie, The Beanz, Koi, Betta, CKBC, Corgiz, Fancy Cougarz, German Shepherdz, Irish Wolfhoundz, Labradorz, Mudi, Mutt Danez, Muttz, Neoshepherdz, Raptorz, Siamese, Sighthoundz and StarChaser Danez!


Working on these in order (from top to bottom) as
quickly as I can. Some will work and those that
do not will redirect you to the INDEX page.

Many apologies while everything is under